Travel and expense management system for businesses

Bring all employee office expenses in one platform. Raise requests, approvals, audits and manage it online from anywhere through any mobile device or laptop/desktop.

A simple way to manage all expenses and reports

With this product, one can empower their employees to spend and report office expenses digitally, while helping T&E auditors manage all expenses online.

This means less paperwork and more happier people.

Finance and Accounting Features

GST Credit Gains

Provides the enterprise with the ability to identify expenses that are eligible for tax credits and makes their processing seamless adding to cash in hand for the finance team.

Fraud Detection Through Self-learning AI

Vyay is capable of understanding Employee and vendor Behaviour and make appropriate recommendations to the auditor helping him identify the intentional fraud.

Specialised T&E Audit Services

With managed services offering our team of T&E audit experts will be available for the enterprise on need basis.

Built-in Accounting Support

Each expense claim automatically creates an accounting entry which can be used by the Finance and Account team without the need for additional processing.

User Experience Features

Making Work From Home Worth It

Given that post COVID-19, most of the enterprises would prefer to have their staff work from home in a safe environment.

This necessitates for them to provide the employees with a mechanism to reimburse their out of pocket expenses such as WIFI, telephone, stationary charges that are now incurred as part of the work from home setup.

Vyay has built-in capability which enables employees to claim such expenses without any hassles.

Claim as You Expense at Anytime from Anywhere

This on-the-go feature enables the users to capture the invoice and the system automatically records all the expense details and submits for approval.

Rapid Claim Settlement

Vyay’s seamless auto approval mechanism ensures speedy settlement of claims which are in policy ensuring minimum auditing effort.

Integration Ready

Ready to be plugged into any existing ERP/accounting systems such as Tally, SAP, Oracle, QuickBook making the accounting process seamless.

On Cloud and On Premise

Vyay offering is both available as an On premise offering as well as Cloud offering ensuring minimum impact on your capex.

Stay on Top with Deep Insights

With Vyay’s intelligent insights dashboard, users have the right amount of information at their fingertips ensuring all compliances are addressed and SLAs are met.

One Click Submit

Users can submit their expense with one click of a button.

Intelligent Expense Management

Easy Integration With Accounting Software

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